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    1) Keepers
    2) The Storm, The Sleeper
    3) Paper Crowns
    4) Ghost
    5) Pocketknife
    6) Ink and Thread
    7) Push Pillar
    8) Lionheart
    9) Plenty Space

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released March 10, 2017

Produced by Jimmy Purchase
Mixed and Mastered by Marcos Castellanos
Album art by Kathleen Navarrete
Layout by Bianca Diaz



all rights reserved


The Anchor Collective Fort Lauderdale, Florida



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Track Name: Keepers
lover we are, we are knit together sister we will blanket every fire brother we are gonna see our maker every crack and every crease in armor palm to palm we ladder lace our fingers hold me up high, help me face my demons we are all for us all, we are each other's keepers we are all for us all, we are each other's keepers, we are each other's kindred spirit, lean upon my shoulder be an atlas, every path we wander huddle closely heaven knows we are all for us all.
Track Name: The Storm, The Sleeper
are you carpenter or prophet maker am I water, am I wine you bid me climb down from these branches, that I made dine with you inside are you story, are you teacher, sleeper, am I ship, am I storm I bid you rise up from your slumber, because we've lost sight of shore lovely, broken, you are matchless and quiet I'm denier, I'm the thorn in crown oh beggar! If only crosses were as bridges! there'd be hope here, anchored the waves were still, the stone discarded, the world was being made again, made again the waves are still, the stone discarded, all our fears forgotten honor to the holy one, spotless lamb the blameless son, the locks of sheoul are undone, because YSHA lives, YSHA we were beggars seeking sight, we were legion, lepers, firefights the sun has come, replace the night with YSHA the waves are still the veil discarded the world is being made again, made again the waves are still and the veil is parted and the dead are singing YSHA.
Track Name: Paper Crowns
I ain't got no backbone all I got is demons and whiskey makes the blood boil free you ain't got no fight song no you don't want my warpaint you just want to cover me bandage on the callous, there's body's on the ballot and we race in arms to the line hand in hand the brothers sang hymns to one another and we're just so sure that we're right we're just so sure oh burn down these paper crowns grow, grow out the branches we talked about halfway down the highway, I see a man beside me he says to me Saul, what's the rush don't ask for the battle if you don't swing the gavel, if you don't swing or away the judge.
Track Name: Ghost
Go and cast the lot you're given days have got me scared as hell leave the messes for your children rule the world, break the well you're the ghost of our decisions punching holes in this collision you're the ghost of our decisions make the most of it, the most of it. there's nothing like the way you crumble or teach your heart to mind the fence you're running like a train car, pulling off the rails, burning bridges without a consequence.
Track Name: Pocketknife
when your limbs are broken you prefer to set the bone yourself your lips are tokens you're giving away, giving away, giving my hands are folded
I'll never make my father's favorite shelf the love is molded, it whittles away, whittles away pocketknife you pass the clean break there's a letter somewhere being burned you're not your handshakes,the stories you tell, the giants you fell and the cliff of the coast means you get to stay young but the compasses are cold so here's to the retake pocketknife take my love and smear it out thin,break the rocks and drink it all in pocketknife the woods go on and on because folly is folly and then we're gone the woods go on and on because circles make circles and then we're gone the trees grow on and on
circles make circles.
Track Name: Ink & Thread
do we strive too much or not enough you sit in stars, echo to us you see the flags we have flown as we craft our words to lay our stones ink + thread are not אני but dust + sky, fingerprints lines in sand can warm our hands but you are not the shore all the same, all the same dust to dust we remain artisan! Bend the clay! don't break, don't break, don't break.
I will become whatsoever I please.
Track Name: Push Pillar
you had it all, voice of an angel your hands were strong and mother was proud but haughty eyes make servants of judges and gone are the days of honey in the lion you saw her there, smokey eyed raven pressed up close, she had to know just what you are you told her a lie and she tied you with bowstrings no drop of wine, but your vices ain't far and every night "wake up! they're upon you!" every night fall away in lover's light you whispered your secrets you shut your eyes and she cut off your hair gone are the days of foxes wearing torches gone is your strenght, is JHVH even there do you feel the marble on your skin shiver at the shackles that you're in do you hear the rodent's piper play when the wicked took your eyes away grow strong, strands long, pray on. call father, let me come home call father let me come home push pillar i'm going home push pillar they're coming with me
you're coming with me.
Track Name: Lionheart
scrape your words around these caverns pull the ribbons from my teeth won't you excavate for me won't you excavate turn your pockets, twist the locket let the river scrape my knees pour the basin out for me
won't you flood this all glowing broken we are cigarettes just embers in the breeze burning woods to spite the trees, sending signals up all the love i have's a misting the least of yours, the sea be the lionheart for me, be the lionheart oh ancient breath, fill our chest be the mountain oh avalanche come drown us oh ancient breath, fill our chest be the tempest oh wilderness grow around us my card castles can't stop crumbling
every diamond parapet relents but i'm less concerned with careful leaning than the table where the whole thing rests and i refuse to be surprised by the faces at the gate i wanna know the single ribbon that intertwines the so called saints and on days, years like these i'm less afraid of dying than i am of dying sad so burn the deck of "us or them" and from the wreckage "us for them."
Track Name: You are/in Everything (Plenty Space)
यद्यपि हम भटक भी जाए,
तौभी हम पीछे चलेंगे
ना लौटूँगा,
ना लौटूँगा.

मेरे पिता के मेज पर बहुत स्थान है,
आओ बैठो मेरे साथ,
आओ बैठो मेरे साथ.